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I’m selling my porsche turbo 1992 for a exige S1 or a elise 111S.Is this a good idea?
Wich one should I buy: the exige or elise?
Please give me some figures on how much the maintenance of a exige costs.I will drive it on the road for 7000 miles/y.
Is a elise cheaper in maintenance?


Well coming from a Porsche Turbo I’d have thought they’d both be less to maintain. The Elise’s cost will be lower as it needs servicing slightly less and doesn’t have such expensive tastes for tyres. Because of the stunning grip from the Exiges tyres the other bits of the car can take a pounding (eg. suspension, brakes), so they may need more money than an Elise.

That said, you’ve come to Exiges.com so we all clearly think the extra is VERY well worth it! Although I’d say if you were only ever going to drive it on the road the Elise may be more for you, especially if you wanted to take the roof off.

Checkout www.lakesideengineering.com for actual costs, I seem to remember there are some on there for the Elise.



a pretty leading question round here but for an unbiased view… … you know it makes sense… its a great idea and you will love an exige…

its doable and must be cheaper to run that yer old porker…


Alot depends on what you are looking for in a car, i also had a 911 Turbo before moving on to an Exige. Running/repair costs are a lot cheaper than the Porsche but that wasn’t the reason i changed, it was the whole experience of driving the Exige

Get out there and drive as many as you can, both Elises and Exiges and then make your choice.