What slicks for my new Magnesium Speedlines ??

Well they arrived, and lovely they are !!

Now I need to decide what to run on them…

Probably a set of slicks on the speedlines, and something for the road / wet on the old rimstocks…

Anybody know about slicks - what to fit - how much to pay - what mileage to expect - what pressures to run etc ???

How about secondhand ones that have lost their ‘first three laps’ edge ??

I hear the Edwards boys might know a thing or two !!


I use the yokohama slicks and South West Lotus are pretty cheap - �80+VAT each for the fronts and �97+VAT for the rears.

They last me pretty much a whole years worth of track days - no idea what that equates to in miles

Pressures 20psi front and 18psi rear when cold - 25psi all round when hot

Hope this helps



Same issue as standard tyres I would think - that is the light weight and need for tyres that are suited to 700kg not 1200 … so maybe only Yokis ?

I think Avon did a slick for the Elise but it would be in 15 and 16 inch versions I guess. - You could talk with BMTR in Birmingham …

ps - toe links end next week I hope …

Thanks Mike and Andy…

What about compounds?

Do they come in soft medium etc ??

Do they come in soft medium etc ??

They certainly do on the Playstation.



Compounds available are, and this is from Yoko’s motorsport leaflet, Hillclimb (presumably soft) and Race (presumably medium). I use the medium but might give the soft ones a try next time just to see the difference


Anyone know of any trusted Yoko suppliers and fitters in Sarf London (Bromley) or failing that c25 miles radius of London ? Thanks B

Medium = dry Soft = cut for wet use ??