What should i DO???????

help needed…i have the money but i dont knw what lotus to buy?1. Exige - looks lovely…sounds great …will the car be ok for everyday use…i will roughly do around 15miles a day.2. Elise - Whats better a mk1 or mk2 ???3. vx220???totally confused!!!

Only one choice really, the Exige but you will have to find the “long” way to work as 7.5 miles each way is not enough !!oh please dont class a VX220 as a Lotus [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]BTW i have been using mine for 120 miles a day as a daily driver and its been great !!![This message has been edited by Phil (edited 14 April 2003).]

IT HAS TO BE THE EXIGE…just been at the vauxhall garage seen a vx220 turbo…erm nothing like an EXIGE sorry.NICK WHALE here i commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!!!

i know the exige is a very special car butOriginally posted by Tone:We all get this problem…When I put the Exige in the garage after it has been rained on, I always use a chamois leather to dry it off. The next time I drive it the rain finds its way onto the radiator and I drive around for the first 20 mins emmitting clouds of steam like the radiator has split. Where does the water collect? Why doesn’t it drain away naturally, without falling on the radiator? Where do I mop it up from so it doesn’t fall onto the radiator?i dont wanna my dream car to be like this…i aint gonna be takin it on the track…HEY thanks For the reply PHIL…What colours ur EXIGE? Whats it like on petrol???

Asking this question on Exige forum is going to give one sided answers. Obviously the VX220 - nah only kidding! Exige all day long.You have to put up with some compromises running the Exige (or Elise)Access into car is a pain, and they are quite noisey and very basic. Elise and Exige are as basic as each other, so there is no gain in either. Elise can take hood off in summer, but if you buy one, you will always think you took second best as the Exige is quite a sublime car to own.If you can live with an Elise, then the Exige is just as easy. Exige much quicker, but only down side is you can’t take roof off.Both cars are great, but the Exige is a cut above!

I own a 98 Mk1 and I have owned an Exige. I have also driven the Vx220 but not the Turbo. The Exige is a great car with massive levels of grip and superb steering - but it was not properly developed for the road. The engine appears over-stressed for medium/high mileage applications and the low speed driveability is appalling at the standard 177hp. If uprated to 190hp it is a little better but still not good and will fail an MOT. A final comment on the Exige is that it has a great ‘sense of occaision’ when driving it - you always look forward to the drive. The VX220 is very good but the cabin, with it’s additional padding, feels more cramped (for me at 6’). I have no issue with the Vauxhall badge - it has a longer sporting/racing heritage than Lotus, but if it is an issue take it off and replace it with a Lotus badge - enthusiasts will know what you mean.Which leaves the Mk1 by no means last! The purest expression of the design,almost as quick as the Exige ON THE ROAD, add sport wheels and tyres and uprated dampers and it gets a lot closer, and you can take the roof off - that cooling air and/or suntan is something only dreampt of in an Exige!. And please your Bank Manager.

Exige Exige ExigeMines is a daily drive and i’m 6’4’‘, used thru the winter as well. It’s not the most practical car in the world but if you like drivin’… and you have to if your considering any of those you listed [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image] then the Exige is easy to live with.YOu will love this carOh and if you have a look at the siting of the radiator you will see why you get steam if it’s been left sitting in the wet.