What new cars will excite you in 2015

Well after the thread in 2012 - I thought I’d start an updated one :laughing:

So far the car I’m looking forward to most is the Ariel Nomad

After the initial flurry of information, there appears to be a dearth of information. I was expecting a number of the online reviewers to be forming an orderly queue to tell us their views…

amazing bang per buck

love the idea of a baby GT

A V6 211.

My Evora. Some nice drives this year will be an improvement on 2014. ok, it’s not new, but it still feels like it :smiley:

yea that too

Think I’d break the bank for that Tim :slight_smile:

Thing I’m dreading though is the price tag, I can see it starting with a 6 maybe even a 7. Trying to remember how the 2-eleven stacked up against an exige.

You get a lot wetter in a 211

and thats what she said :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, forgot about that one :oops.

Hope they have the chance/money to revise the clam - wasn’t a great fan of the straight lines.