What it could have looked like

[For those of you who don’t/haven’t checked the ‘Meets + Track Day Reports’ section]

George Mackintosh’s S2 Elise racecar.


Imagine that with the S2 Exige’s improved chassis!

Let’s have another poll!

I’m still disappointed that the scooped white S2 with Exige type mods last year (or was it 2 yrs ago now?) never made it into production. Now that would have been an improvment - maybe.

  1. It doesn’t have a roof scoop, which is a shame.

  2. The front spoiler looks out of proportion with the rest of the bodywork (unlike the S1 Exige).

  3. I LOVE the rear spoiler though !!!

It’s hard to make out the cars lines with the white paintjob, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The S2 was built by Plans Motorsport, based at Dunsfold Park, Surrey - home of BBC’s “Top Gear” - and now doing road and track-day preparation work - see


Is this your outfit Graham ??

From his answerphone message I would say yes.