What is your favourite UK circuit ??

Come on guys - what is your favourite circuit ?

Why ?

What circuit best suits an Exige ?

Are there any gems out there that I don’t know about ??

My vote goes to Silverstone - many laps there on just about all configurations and I love it to bits…

Suits the exige as well, though the long straights might leave some cars feeling asthmatic !!

You must vote before you can see the results so far, so come on into the water !!!

Has to be Cadwell for that hacking down a country lane feeling once you’re over the mountain! And the sheer outright speed of chris curve

Plus every corner is just bliss!

have i been here before ?

of the ones i’ve done its cadwell methinks

closely followed by donny…

Did Donny again on Saturday, and it was pretty good - took only my Toyos and initially was running on very soft damper settings cos I had it set up that way for the road and the weather forecast late friday night said continuous bands of rain would sweep over the circuit, so I didn’t change them…

Not a drop all day …

Could have done with the 048s but after lowering the ride height and going to 6 from hard on the front and 8 from hard on the back, the handling became balanced and predictable…

Still had trouble with some slick-shod racers in the bends - not as if I wasn’t trying, being in four wheel drifts anyway !!

Defo taking the 48s to Croft !!

Last I looked 22 people had voted, but now it is only 15 - is there a fault ?

My vote has gone and I can’t vote again as it seems to have registered me as already voted