What if ? ( ECU content )

The ecu on my 190 s1 exige is knackered, if i phone lotus in the morning will they say send it down to the factory and we"ll reset it for u (for a fee).Try and sell me a new one (for a large fee) or do i take my chances on e_bay and by a second hand one. OPTION C get the credit card out and by an emerald. all sensible replys considered,thanks Dougie

I imagine a new Emerald would be similar �� to a “bend over and take it” price for the standard one from Lotus, so unless they can reset it (cheaply), I’d go Emerald.

Look on ebay, or ask around on the forums. Ringing the main engine converters wouldn’t hurt either.


I’ve got a spare 190 ecu knocking around in the garage. Havn’t got round to listing it on ebay yet. Make me a sensible offer and you can have it.



what about douglas valley breakers in coppull/ lancashire, they usually have a few.

Emerald (if you can afford it), your engine will thank you.


Hi Dougie, your best bet is to go with the emerald - you wont regret it, it will make your car feel so much better.

Lotus should have fitted one from the start.