What happened to Mike Lane?

Hello guys:

I was just wondering… what ever happened to Mike Lane?

How’s his Audi Exige?

Never heard nothing from him since November…


P.S: Just remembered… One question:

I see frequently in classifieds the seller stating a price followed by “ono”

What does “ono” mean?

Hi Jose

I spoke with Mike last week - he is fine. Unfortunately, his work schedule is such that at the moment he is having to work in the evenings/night & not really able to get on the bbs. Hopefully, this will change shortly, & we will be able to welcome him “home”

“ONO” means “Or near Offer”.

Thanks Mr. Pesky.

By the way, how’s Mike’s car doing?

Is his engine back in one peice yet?

Don’t tell me the engine broke to bits…

Is his engine back in one peice yet?


By all accounts, the wrong type of spark plug caused some bother.


Had a little trouble when Russ was racing it at Donny, but all sorted now - car is amazing but shift work is a [email protected]

Good to hear from you again Mike



4th’d !!!