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Hey sorry to be a pain and all that but im getting the dealer to fit me a new exhauast for my Exige S. Please can you tell me if I should go for the stage 1 or stage 2? Is the stage 2 too loud at 105db ? I’m going to the nurburgring a few times this year and dont want to get banned etc. My old evo had a HKS superdragger and that recorded 103db at donnington. WHat would you guys recommend? 1 or 2?

I wanted a stage 2 on my Exige s
Lotus Cars tell me the Exige S exhausts wont be ready for a couple of months

I would wait apparently the standard stage 1/2 are not suitable

Thnaks for the reply, Yea i wondered this however the Exige S demo car i had a go in had the stage 2 exhuast on and it worked fine and it was v loud, altho i dont know if it was loosing power because it wasnt specially made for the S. WHat about people with 240’s? You think I should leave it standard for now? Also the demo car had a pipercross induction kit and they said that works really well with the new S. THey have those in stock too!!! hmmm?

At the moment I’ve got a stage 2 on my 240, it’s fine for noisy days and then I’ve got the original stage 1 that came with the car for quiet days, still make a nice sound but much much quieter and means I keep my warranty.

There are loads of threads about different systems at the moment on pistonheads, Jamies looks and sounds fantastic, but Lotus told me if I changed… bye bye warranty, not sure if that was because the supercharger was new then and they were being over cautious?

Anyway, check and get in writing anything that might effect warranty then have a look around, but the 2tubular do seem to be some of the nicest out there…

I have been told that only if the fault was due to the zaust would the warrenty be void. For example a hole in the intercooler- they would not be able to say ‘sorry you stuck a fun zaust on there we wont repair the car’

I had a stage 2 and found it too loud, boomy on long runs and did nothing powerwise

Strangely the stage 2 sounds totally different on the 240, I had an S2 before the R and would agree with Jamie, but with the different cat on the 240R it makes a very different sound with none of the boom or drone…

This is the email lotus sent me

I hope you are enjoying your new Exige.

A sports exhaust for the supercharged Exige is currently under development.
Keep in touch with your dealer for further news, but expect at least a
couple of months.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Massey - Technical Service
Senior Technical Author
Lotus Cars Ltd., Hethel, Norwich, Norfolk. NR14 8EZ.
Tel: +44 (0)1953 608247

You could be waiting a long time from previous experience

What do you think the would result in using the standard stage 2 on an exige S

Would not do it myself after my stage 2 experiences