What exhaust?


I’ve got an 06 Exige NA which I’ve just supercharged with a Katana SC. I want to add an exhaust with a better note than standard, something with a bit more of a growl, pops etc but not too loud or droney? I’ll also be using the car for the odd track day.

I like the look of the Larini but been told they don’t hold up to well if used on track days?

So what options are there?


2bular - Made to suit, so what ever you want Jim can do.

Yep go with that

I have a 2bular on the car and it’s superb bit of kit, very happy to recommend Jim’s work.
If you want to have a play with a Larini then I have one of those you’d be welcome to try out… I was going to say if you’re local - then checked your location, which isn’t in the Buckingham area :slight_smile: so scratch that.

Larini was loud but fun.

2bular is awesome, pops and burbles nice with sports cat and GT3

2bular is great… made to measure too! I had my S2 converted to the GT3 rear end exhaust exit as I personally did not like the exhaust exit from the diffuser spoiling all that smooth airflow. Looked cool and sounded great! Track day friendly too, even with no de-cat!

Cheers Guys
Looks like general consensus
I’ll check out what Jim can do