What exactly are the differences...

between the Exige and the Elise - I know (think) the Elise has a slightly different grill - and the scoops behind the doors have matching little slot thingys, and I guess the Exige has an engine cover or a complete roof over the engine. Other than that, what are the differences?

Can the Exige’s engine cover be removed so it looks more like an Elise?

Which one has more potential for tuning? I’ve seen that they are excellent for twisty tracks, but they do appear to be kinda lacking in straight line speed/acceleration when compared to other more expensive exotics. Does anyone here own one that’s been tuned by www.forcedfed.com? Has anyone heard how hard they are to pass smog checks in California if the engine’s been tinkered with?

Also, check out this video - the car at about 8 minutes and 24 seconds into it is supposedly an exige according to the video what are your guys’ thoughts?

At the risk of sounding rude, to me it sounds like your best bet is just to get an Elise, but have a look here and see what you think of what they can do for you, (this is the kinda stuff they do: Clicky).

As far as meeting emissions regs, it may be worth talking to these guys.

Hope that helps .

I guess I do want an Elise then.

I know they handle great, but I want something with a little better acceleration and that will allow me to tinker with it until I get what I want.

The Exige is the homologation of the Motorsport Elise. More downforce, bigger & grippier wheels & tyres and a more highly tuned engine. The exige in ‘standard’ guise puts out 177 BHP from the VHPD (Very High Power Derivative) K-series engine, that was normally upped to 190 with new ECU and pulleys.

You’d be best to drive a standard elise before you think you need more grunt off the bat. If you’re really after the extra power, buy a shed of an elise then stick a K20 honda engine in it, or a Turbo Technix audi turbo lump in it. The latter can put out up to 315 bhp, with S/C hondas not too far off.


He lives in the USA

Although it is in French, you’ll see all the differences in this page with heaps of photos:

S2 Elise V S2 Exige, the only panels that are the same are the doors.

Stiffer suspension (as standard), wider front tyres.

An Elise 111R and Exige N/A both have the 190 BHP Toyota engine. An Exige S is supercharged.

The N/A Egige does between 4.7 and 5.0 secs to 60. Yes there are cars that are faster in a straight line, but very few in the twisties. Get yourself a copy of Evo magazine where the Exige was deemed quicker under braking and in the corners than a 911 GT3…