What engine tuning options are currently available

for the Exige?

Does anyone know of any companies that offer engine tuning (be it fitting a supercharger or otherwise)?

Many thanks in advance for any responses.

PS What do you all hink of the new Radical V8 as a potential engine for the Exige (Autosport International 2023 | Europe's Largest Motorsport Exhibition and http://www.radicalmotorsport.com/news_folder/v8/rpa_v8/index.php)

I think most would put Dave Andrews of DVA on any list of top tuners for the K-series.

Turbo Technics probably have more experience than anybody else with ‘charging’ Loti.

Swapping the engine, to a Honda, Duratec, etc, is an expensive option but one that several have happily gone down in the last year or so. That Radical thing is ideal, but a tad on the pricey side!


Presumably with regards to tuning the S2’s engine one would simply look to Toyota engine tuners.

Checkout the US Celica tuner’s websites, they’re mad!


I read somewhere that Lotus specifically left sufficient room when designing the Exige to allow a supercharger to be fitted (I am, however, unsure as to the veracity/accuracy of this observation). Admittedly, based upon what I know of the 2ZZ-GE, fitting a supercharger would be a whole heap o’ trouble.

Here are some useful and interesting links:


Does anyone on this forum have access to people-in-the-know at Lotus? If so, could you put this question to them, i.e. how easily could a supercharger be fitted and do Lotus intend to offer a factory-fitted supercharger option in the future (unlikely, I know)?

They’re saying not. See recent Lotus snr mgt interview on Pistonheads.com.


Dealer is still saying yes to SC, 250-260bhp and will be available to retro fit early next year, believe it when i see it.

That’s quite interesting. Obviously, one shouldn’t take everything a dealer says as gospel, but they are privy to things like this, so…

That’s quite interesting. Obviously, one shouldn’t take everything a dealer says as gospel, but they are privy to things like this, so…

Yes,dealers talk shite most of the time but they have already sold me an exige so whats the point.
maybe dealers are just guessing.
yanks are just starting to look at strapping a turbo/supercharger on the fed elises so it will happen its just when and how much.

I recon Lotus & the dealers are just keeping everyone guessing for the trackday close season…they will never shift the showroom cars (no discount!) if a newer/faster one is announced just now.

The new Elise comes with a givaway hardtop for winter…maybe there’ll be a free soft top for non-s/c S2 Exiges next summer


They are best in Germny and do have getting more and mre UK clients !

Komo Tec

Think the correct URL is www.komo-tec.net (not .com).

Here’s their shop address: http://www.komo-tec.net/catalog/default.php?cPath=23_54&language=en, which is in English unlike their main page (more’s the pity).