What colour S1

think im going for black or silver,but what other colours are there?

ones i can think of

laser blue
racing green
norfolk yellow
dark blue
grey titanium
any more???

if anyone has pics please post them
cheers adam

Chrome Orange is the only colour to have really.

Exige Pics

That’s probably my favourite S2 colour, works well.


Black is the new black…batmobile me up

Black is the new black…batmobile me up

No contest





I agree Andy, I also understand that Mike Lane and Evosal both have particularly valid input on this subject…

Laser Blue is for the old folks. What you need is Norfolk Mustard…


on second thoughts, New Ali is the way forward…


On third thoughts, watch out for a new colour scheme, which is shortly to be launched

I think you’ll find Lotus Mustard is the new…errr… yellow


New Ali

hi adam, ive just only just bought an s1 and so was recently researching the available colours. i think the only ones you have missed on your list are:

monaco white (never seen s1 in this colour)
deep purple (i think pretty rare but seen a few)
nautilus blue (looks blue then green in different light)
chrome orange (quite a few about this colour)
and finally my choice …

azure blue (my opinion the best looking colour on an exige!)

This is the only picture I’ve seen of a white Exige and I think it looks absolutely lovely!


very nice!

Very nice, but it is a Motorsport Elise, not an Exige…

My project exige is currently in the bodyshop being painted in honda championship white i will post some pics once its finished !!

Very nice, but it is a Motorsport Elise, not an Exige…

That’s not what is says on the back!


ps. It needs a diffuser too

wow some great piccys guys thanks

got to admit Chrome Orange is stunning on a exige.

laser blue is a top colour too