What color is this S2??

I am about to purchase this S2 and wondering what color is this car.

Seems like this is NOT Aspen white since it has hint of beige white.
Anyone? Thank you!


I assume you mean Old English White, but unfortunately your picture doesn�t seem to want to work so it�s a little hard to tell . Anyway I�ve attached a photo below, is this the right colour…

[image]http://campbellbaker.homeip.net/stuff/photos/old english.jpg[/image]

One thing though, and I may well be wrong on this, but I wasn�t aware that they made the Exige in this colour (or at least they don’t at the moment)… but like I say, I may well be wrong.


PS. Welcome by the way

Pic Fixed.

Dealer claims that this car is late 2005 and wondering if Lotus had this color in 2005.

Well the car in my pic is a 2004 111r, so maybe, I�m sure someone better informed than me will be able to give you a definite answer tomorrow though .


The top colour looks like Aspen White, as you say the bottom is old English White. There were a few 2005 model cars that came out in Aspen even though it was a 2006 colour.

All Exige colours are available for the Elise & vice versa, so OEW (like on the ‘type 23’ Elise) is possible.


My car is Aspen White and when indoors it looks quite creamy as does your pic.

Aspen is metallic, Old English is flat.

Look closely at the paint to see if its metallic. You will need a sunny day or a strong light source to see the very fine metallic. Be careful, on an overcast day you would swear that aspen is not metallic, the moment the sun comes out you can see clearly that it is.

The Exige was available in Old English in 2005, but Lotus started building 2006 model cars later in 2005, so it could be either.