What Clutch might be best?

My car needs a new clutch, it has a failure to release or drags when the clutch is depressed, it gets a lot worse when hot, the car does run a Fidenza alloy flywheel so that may not help, for anyone that doesn’t know the car, it is running ~300hp but I never plan on running on track in it again, I do want a forgiving clutch but I don’t also want to be replacing it every other year.
So what do people think?

My ACT HDSS clutch failed almost immediately (fitted by Lotus dealer) and it’s possible to see the same failure if you search the internet for it, so it wasn’t totally unheard of.

It was replaced by an Exedy unit and I’m extremely happy with it - acts much nicer than the ACT and hopefully will last a lot longer :+1:t2:

Use a Toyota bearing with whatever you choose.

My Competition Clutch was indistinguishable from OE and took 300bhp fine. The bearing it shipped with destroyed it prematurely.

Went to an Xtreme clutch afterwards, ceramic puck type but also with a sprung hub so was very close to OE. It did make a sand papery noise on engagement, not unpleasant but worth calling out

Exedy, that is interesting, any idea of the model?

Those seem like options, do you happen to know the models of each? I do want something that feels reasonably factory.

This is probably the “most-OE” of the ones I’ve tried.

I’ve not got much of a description other than ‘Exedy Organic Uprated Clutch Assembly’ on my invoice… Stephen at Track-Group would know exactly which one it is… For reference, the ACT felt VERY aftermarket - this one is just a tiny bit different to OEM, but utterly drivable just like normal… No strange behaviours, but I’d obviously want to be certain it could handle your power levels before going for one! My power level is somewhat more ‘modest’ than most of us :wink:

I’d be maybe feeling more comfortable installing Kyle’s recommended clutch, simply because he’s had a lot of power through it and can recommend it still - mine is awesome, but I’ve got 210 ponies to cope with… :laughing:

All advice is good and helpful, I really want a reasonably normal clutch feel as mine really will only ever now be used on the road, I think the current clutch is an Exedy which was fitted a long time ago, I do know JSR took the box out at least once since that was fitted and he may well have changed the clutch to something else I really can’t remember. Also I’m not sure if Lee did anything with it whilst he owned it, but I don’t believe so

Thanks, this is the one I was looking at, if it is sold by SL and John fitted by them add in your recommendation and I really don’t think I can get much better than that

On balance I was very happy with the Competition Clutch that I had. It met a premature doom because as I said, the cheap bearing they (and all Clutch manufacturers) provide had failed and started chewing into the pressure plate. Had I run it with a Toyota bearing, I’m almost sure that clutch would still be happily running in that car.

I switched to Xtreme afterwards just because I didn’t want to buy the same part twice, no logical reason. If/when a clutch is needed on the 2-Eleven I will probably go back to CC with a 'yota bearing. The Xtreme was fine, and could probably handle more power (seem to think it was rated for something like 250ft/lbs) but it did make a sand papery noise on engagement. Didn’t bother me, but may bother others come resale etc.

I don’t have 300bhp but just bought my new S2 clutch from Dave @ Seriously Lotus. Nearly all of his products have been track tested so I’d recommend you check out what he’s got https://www.seriouslylotus.com/