What brake fluid?

The beast is getting serviced next week and I’m getting braided hoses, new pads & obviously fluid. I’ve got 2L of lockheed dot5(non silicon, non mineral. Is this suitable as the wee manual says not to use dot5. I tried to get Castrol SRF but had no luck…


i seem to remember there being a reason NOT to use dot5 but can’t remember what it is… Phil or someone may know… ??

If I was you i’d get along to Halfords and buy me some Castrol Response super dot4…

DOT 5 is silicon based, DOT 5.1 is mineral and ok to use.

Check the boiling and wetting points on the cans and go for the ones that have the highest readings.

Yeh its 5.1 I’ve got. The boiling points are 271C dry, 184C wet.

may be ok, the Castrol Response Super Dot 4 that Rox mentioned has a dry of 280 and wet of 190 so would be better.

SRF dry is over 300 which is why it is well suited to heavy furious braking

Then there is the AP600 Fluid 310c dry 210c wet which is another good one

Hi Rooney

Not seen you up at KH for a while, any trackday plans for this year. Who’s servicing the car for you, is it going back to Murray’s or else where.


Just noticed someone’s given me my first stars, I feel like a fully paid up member to the McDonalds club now

Rooney, you have got then 5.1.
It’s good, and compatible with DOT 4, ie - no need to flush, just bleed and top up.

I use Motul Racing 600. It is very good, but needs to be bled a little more often because it is very hydroscopic.

Hi Dave, things seem to crop up when there’s a chance to get to KH. Will be up there soon I promise. I’m looking forward to getting the car back with new oil, plugs, brake hoses,pads and the Larini exhaust.I went for the Champion Platinium plugs, anybody use those? Seem very expensive compared to the rest! One of my mates is a mech at a large local garage…he wont need access to the ecu will he?

I went for the Champion Platinium plugs, anybody use those? Seem very expensive compared to the rest!

Rooney… its the heat rating that’s important rather than whether they are platinum or not … what’s the reference numbering? it need to be 6 or lower for champions. Also you need to make sure they have a flat seat not a tapered one.

Ian, the reference numberis RC8PYP 570. It does say 1.8 elise 96 onwards.

8 ! - Too hot … should be a 6 - Exige plugs should run cooler …


way way too hot… chuck em in the bin and buy some RC6YCC and stop messin around with all this max power stuff