What a fab picture (NLC)

Too good not to share with fellow petrolheads!

Much like scene in my cul de sac, a few minutes ago(see latest post!)

That’s very cool. Or hot. Or something!

Worth a look at the photography section on Pistonheads. The plane one is spectacular and there are some car ones are that make your head hurt, they’re that good.

very cool, betting that was taken on a rig.

They’ll run a long shutter and just creep it forward at like 5mph and gun the engine to spit flame.

It is clever what can be done to be fair.

In a previous life at Plans, we were doing the V6 VX220 pics. At the time it didn’t run, had no brakes, etc, but the photographer guy did some amazing things both live and post that made the pictures look like it was moving under it’s own power. Best one was a ladder strapped under the car, camera mounted on the end, push the car forward at 5mph. You get wheel blur and take the ladder out post.

There were a few give away’s if you looked close enough.