Wet Boot

I parked the car up outside a friends last night and surprise surprise came out this morning to find that the boot was full of water - I really should not have been surprised as it does have the open vent…however in the elise the front of the boot forms a seal with the engine cover and keeps water out…in the exige there is no such front. So that means the luggage will have to be waterproof in the future!I also noticed that in the pics with the blue hoses (sorry forgot whose car) that thee appears to be a black mat in the boot…mine is just bare metal with two holes in it…I now know that these are drain holes. Dis the mat come with the car or not?

My car has blue hoses, although it’s not a black mat, the boot-space (for what it’s worth) is black.What’s beneath the bootspace ? How about drilling a tiny 2-3mm hole in it for drainage where the water collected ? (in addition to those already there)

solved the mystery of the black boot…my mat had been lifted and pushed back on itself under the tail catch…so i only saw the siver insulation…Ive pushed it back down and now it looks right!!!