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…the latest copy of Lotus Club International Magazine

It’s the group pic from the donny track day, plus a little attention to Pesky’s old colour scheme, & a pic of Mr Newey.





sorry folks. I’ll scan it later


PS Am I the only LCI member in this village then

Hope this works ok (scanned to Photobucket)



Thanks for posting that, Tim.

Was there just the one page in the mag? Reason I ask is that I wrote a review of the event for LCI, & I reproduce same below, for those who may be interested:


Saturday April 29th saw the annual exiges.com trackday event return to Donington Park Race Circuit. The inaugural exiges.com get together in September 2001, also held at Donington, was attended by 12 S1 owners. Subsequent events at Cadwell Park, Anglesey, Oulton Park, & Croft circuits, have attracted steadily increasing numbers, & just over 40 exiges joined in the fun this year. From the very outset in 2001, the event�s intention has been twofold � firstly to gather together as many cars & drivers as possible on track, & secondly, to relax, & enjoy one another�s company on a social level in the evening. The latter always takes in an overnight (or two!) stay in a local hotel, a meal, a few drinks, & of course, plenty of Mickey taking banter! This year�s event was, as usual, extremely well supported by both S1 & S2 owners from throughout the UK. However, special mention should go to the rapidly growing �exige clan� from North of the border - some of these guys driving a round trip of some 800 miles or so, (& that�s before they�d even been out on the track), all just to hook up with fellow Exigers! Also, this year, a number of Lotus driving competitors from the www.midenginedsportscars.com series were out on track, having a shakedown prior to their first race on 1st May.

For the first time, the event was officially supported by Lotus, & in particular Lotus Club International. Ace factory development drivers Gavan Kershaw & Matt Becker were on hand, & during the morning session, a number of randomly chosen owners, were due to have either Gavan, or Matt for a 30 minute stint of one to one driver instruction. LCI had kindly donated Lotus Polo Shirts for each of the lucky owners receiving instruction from the experts. In the afternoon, Gavan & Matt were scheduled to give �hot laps�, in the factory�s latest versions of the S2 Exige, including the recently launched supercharged Exige S.

The trackday was organised through Tracksport Ltd (www.tracksport.co.uk) & their team arrived bright & early. They quickly set up their facilities, in preparation for the �signing on�, & the all-important driver safety briefing. The weather couldn�t have been better, lovely warm sunshine, which was forecast to continue for the rest of the day � purfick!

The was a noticeable �buzz� in the air, as a constant stream of exiges (& other Loti) started to arrive, with new & old acquaintances greeting one another as they signed on. With the safety briefing over at 9.30, the trackday proper began.

The day was organised on an �open pitlane� basis, with drivers able to come & go on track as they pleased. However, the glorious warm sunshine meant that driving for 20 to 25 minutes was �just about right� for most people, & just as importantly, their cars! Gavan & Matt�s one to one instruction sessions were highly commended by all those fortunate to have benefited from them.

The one hour lunch break was an opportunity for Ben (an enthusiastic Exige owner) & Justin of www.tsuphoto.com, to take some �group� photos of around 40 Exiges & their owners on the pit straight. They were also very busy �snapping� from various points around the circuit throughout the day, & there is a separate gallery for the Exiges day on the website.

The afternoon session started at 2pm, & right from the off, Gavan & Matt were thrilling the passengers, who had booked the 4 lap hot rides! Between them, the �boys� demonstrated the Exiges to 26 extremely happy passengers. Every single one of them exited the cars with huge smiles on their faces, whilst at the same time, shaking their heads in disbelief at the combination of expert driver skill, allied to the cars� immense track capabilities. Pure magic!

But, for the gathered �petrolheads�, there was to be one more surprise! Adrian Newey, of F1 design fame, who was due to race his Ford GT40 at Donington the following day, arrived late in the afternoon. Adrian took to the wheel of the Exige S, with Gavan in the passenger seat. He certainly knows how to drive a fast car!

5pm came around very quickly, & brought the �driving� element of the day, to an end. However����

Thanks to Exige owning, Mike Stripe, we had an exclusive 2 hour entry to the adjacent, & fabulous Donington museum www.doningtoncollection.com . The number of single seat (mainly F1) racing cars on show is staggering, dating from the 1920�s, and right up to the present time. Needless to say, Lotus is well represented! The day was rounded off with a curry buffet (& a few beers!!) in a local hotel.


Great write up Rob (Diane doesn’t remember the warm sun tho’ ), however LCI produced just the one page as above

A fab day though eh


The photos were ours but the mag prints look a bit crappy. Also look out for the enormous 2mm high TSU Photographic big-up acknowledgement lurking on the back cover

I prefer your words Pesk, what happened there??

The photos they picked are these :

(Tap accidentally oversharpened some of them so they look a bit odd).

Also note the free advertising for Da Edwards Boyz

[image]tsuphoto.com - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

[image]tsuphoto.com - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

[image]tsuphoto.com - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

[image]tsuphoto.com - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

I prefer your words Pesk, what happened there??

No idea, mate. All I know is that I spent a good few hours putting something together, after LCI had asked for a review for inclusion in the mag. The important thing is of course, that we got the support from Lotus that we wanted on the day, & those that were there, had a good time

Do you think they could have got the typo error in a bigger font ?

Do you think they could have got the typo error in a bigger font ?

Doubt it!

Great pics and review. Just annoyed that I always get my copy 4 weeks after everyone else…and I still haven’t had it


All that’s in the mag is the one page (ie short para of spiel & the photos) as posted up by Tim, so you’re not missing anything.