Well my inertia switch works...

Yes I found out the hard way

Just as it got wet, I done a “AJK” and went straight instead of exiting a roundabout

Why do they put lamp posts in the “EXACT” place you’re gonna understeer off a roundabout???

Anyway, that’s the end of my food, fun, life for a while And food parcels gratefully received If you see me wearing a sack you know why

All low speed but it’s done enough damage… Manged to drive it home in the end (after getting saturated in the rain)…

I don’t think I deserve this car… Or it just doesn’t like me… Finally get everything running all nice and bam hello lamppost

FCUK SOCKS!!! NUT SAC’S! What a crock of sh1te! I’mm of buy as many lottery tickets with my remaining cash That’ll be after I washed all the fibreglass of anyway

Oh and who know where to get pattern Exige clams? Or anywhere going 2nd hand??

Mark (the understeer kid!)

Very sorry to hear this Mark , hope you are ok and don’t worry too much about the car, that can be fixed !

Gutted for you, mate.

Main thing is that you (nor anyone else was injured), & your pride & joy will be repaired. Just think, no more frontal stonechips

Over the next couple of days you’ll come to terms with the situation, which WILL be sorted

Thanks guys! Muchos appreciated!

Yeah, that’s it, I’m still breathing was slow enough so not even a slight dose of whiplast… Which is top banana really

And the damage was minimal on the grand scale of things, still managed to drive it home, rad’s bent but again no problems really

At least it’ll get all nice now and get all the bit’s of bodywork done together… Always a bright side!

Off to Sinclaires tom so will let you know what they say…

Thanks again! Only smoked about 4000000000 cigerettes on the way home LOL!


I feel pig-sick for you mate… right to the pit of my stomach.

I’m really sorry to hear this but as long as your okay - I hope ?? well apart from obviously being gutted, but that won’t last long.

Don’t worry too much about the car… like Phil says, that can be fixed and when it is fixed you’ll be happy and won’t do this again anytime soon.



A real bmmr…

but remember that life has a way of becoming bright again pretty soon !!

Jeez sorry to hear that mate, but as everyone says the car will be fixed and shiny again before you know it.

If any events come up before yer beasty is fixed (such as the engine shootout at Brunty) I am sure one of us fellow Southerners will swing by and pick you up!!

I feel the same as the others.


Sorry to hear that Mark - seems that clam just HAD to be changed then

Good no know there should be no suspension / chasis damage though - right ?

Thats a shocker mate but it happens to the best of us.

If you need any help patching it up then let us know.

Many many thanks all! Looking at it in the cold light of day it looks like, front clam, splitter, crash structure, front undertray, rad… Still drove OK so touch wood

It’s at Sinclaires at the mo so should get a full report later today / early tom.

I think the real pi$$er has been that I drove 1400 miles across europe in some of the most appaling conditions, 1 trackday, nurburgring and everything without a single incident! Then 50 miles up the road…

And thanks Randy Now got me thinking… How much would it be to fix the damaged parts myself??? Does the crash structure just bolt on? scratches chin

Anyway, here’s juicy bits! LOL!




Like the others, I’m pig-sick for you too… though the damage doesn’t appear TOO bad… speak to Geary @ Eliseparts he should have some Exige/motorsport clams kicking about.

Bugger Thats definately a new clam needed - its an insurance job, believe me, I learnt the hard way in my Elise trying to scratch around for 2nd hand parts etc - its not worth it in the end and will work out more expensive than taking a hit on the insurance / excess.

Look on the bright side though no more stone chips,I can vouch for Sinclairs, they did a top job on my Elise and they might be able to put some armourfend on it through the insurance if you know what I mean…

Did you knock the wheels / is the steering effected?

Does the crash structure just bolt on? scratches chin

Nope, they’re a bonded item. But Sinclaires can do it well (saw one where they were replacing the crash structure when I was there)

Did you knock the wheels / is the steering effected?

Still drives perfectly straight, there’s a very slight wobble at 60 - 70 mph but nothing horrendus, think I’ve just knocked the [email protected] out of the geo… Which is fair enough The only thing is I hope the curb did either crack / bend the wheels or burst the shocks…

Uldis, I’ve just been reading up on the crash structure in the service manual… Just wondering really, I know Sinclaires can do it all, they do some superb bodywork!

However I’m just thinking I may not go through insurance, madness you may think but I’m 25 so I can see the anal lube having to come out for my renewal It’s really weather I’ll pay the repair cost 5 times over in the next 2 years or not…

My other option is to work flat out, go mad with the freelance stuff (most of my work is) and just don’t eat, sleep, drink… Simply work until it’s paid off

Bad luck.
You could always phone or e-mail ewelme lotus at Oxford - they are very good - as a few of us have found out - and even have has our cars photographed for their web page - mines even on their headed paper!

My other option is to work flat out, go mad with the freelance stuff (most of my work is) and just don’t eat, sleep, drink… Simply work until it’s paid off

Erm… is there any other way?

Its Ewelme Coachworks at Ewelme Nr Benson in Oxfordshire, yes they are very good and helpful, i have even got “broken parts” from them for nowt

For those that dont have straw in there mouth’s it’s pronounced “U lem”


Im absolutely gutted for you.

I had a very similar bump in my Elise when I hit a kerb sideways but somehow managed to miss a nearby lampost and metal railings by feet

Still did enough damage though to the suspension, rack, wheels, bank balance…Pride [sob]

I ended up doing as much as I could myself as my insurance would have doubled probably…I was 24 at the time and couldnt afford the insurance claim. My excess at the time was about �1k I think

I can understand why you are not thinking of going through insurance though and I know your capable of doing a lot of the work.

Hope you get it sorted soon

Paul (still feeling sick for you)