Well, I've gone a brought a race car!

Well, just a cheap MR2, fully prepped up, roll cage, electrical cut off’s, mag alloy’s, won this year championship!

So next year, here we come!

Need a good panel beating, and a respray! So just need some ideas for a good colour scheme, something VERY lairy really, was thinking Toyota Red and White but something hideous would be better

I’ll pick it up tomorrow and will get some piccies up

Nice one!

Will be interested to see how you get on with it.

What series are you going to race it in?

How much?


Sounds ideal for the Mid-Engined series…

It’s for the MR2 Challenge(d) next year, basically a standard car, upped shocks and springs, motorbike style exhaust (sound very sweet!), stripped out… Still quite heavy at 1040kg or so but should be nimble enough

Cheap racing for next year in something midship, all it needs is a lick of paint really.

It’ll be really low level clubman stuff but the guy who owns it won the championship and if he can get enough sponsorship then he’ll be racing Cupra R’s next year!!!

Oh, and it come with a twin axle trailer + tyre rack

So looking forward to some cheap bumper to bumper fun

Sounds ideal for the Mid-Engined series…

Not gonna be quick enough really… However next maybe put the 2.0l turbo lump in


Best of luck Matey - you must keep us appraised as to your progress, both pre & during the race season

PS Before you ask, I’m only doing exiges.com sunstrips

Well, I guess I could put one on for old times sakes

Nice! Good luck!


Well done that man!

I have had my Mister 2 for 9 years and cant bear to part with it - even though the alternator has just siezed this weekend!!!

cheers folks!

here’s the piccies







Is the Exige actually crying in the background there?!


The Exige is saying "He may have a number on the side but I have more racing pedigree than that hunk o’ junk’!!

Not really Mark, good on you for having the balls to get in there and go racing. I look forward to next season and coming to cheer you on. BTW, I would tend to agree when you indicated the racecar would benefit from a lick of paint. Have you got a team name yet to emblazon down the side,…do you need some help coming with a name to rival VVR??

smirking maybe

good on yer RL

keep us posted on stuff with it

LOL! Thanks guys, I know the Exige must be gutted at being outed for the old crapper there, but if I don’t do it now, I’ll just regret it later in life!

So, when it’s tyres or food, I know it’ll be tyres

Team names welcome, Smead Racing is one on the list (after my old man’s nick name)… Maybe

Also, as I’ll get the whole car resprayed, anything goes! White has been suggested as it’s easy to respray and match colours and suck like, then just use a load of decals to get it looking the part

How about “Limazine Racing”?

How about “Limazine Racing”?

Fan-bleedin-tastick !!

Or Remarkable Limazine Racing … RLR to the pit-groupies

Fantastic! I like

Better than MMR (Mark Mailer Racing) LOL!

Or ‘Ex-ige’