Well done Maddog

What a top man!

Sat afternoon happens to see a mate who works for “Beachdean” who run a Fezza in BritGt - offers to help with the spanners - leaves at 11pm on Sat night, then back again first thing on Sunday to help them throughout the day. Scary thing was, he didn’t stop smiling all weekend

Well done, matey

Thanks Mate

was great just being involved and they’ve asked me back again result!

They had a few issues with the car all weekend, and was handling like a pig, seems it only goes well in the rain . nothing a bit of testing won’t sort out

Perhaps it was something to do with the tyre pressures? The guy testing them at the end of the race didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

fortunately, I had nothing to do with tyre pressures at the beginning of the race, I just checked them during the pit stop and at the end of the race for logging to see what the pressures were when hot, seems they might have been a bit over inflated. that wasn’t the only problem though throughout the weekend

Glad to hear it was a worthwhile weekend. Good stuff Dave. You have been great help to me, so no surprises your input was appreciated on a more competitive platform.

We will now resume normal broadcasting:
It was the mad Aussie (South African) what messed up the tyre pressures. It was Guv, it was I say!


Dave with spanners, now there is a TRUELY scarey thought!!!