Weight reduction on a Exige S2

The next step I’m looking at is to go through with some basic weight reduction of my Exige.

The easiest (and cheapest) places to start would be probably:

  • remove Blaupunkt hifi with all 4 speakers
  • replace standard Battery with a lightweight/small one
  • remove carpets
  • remove footrest of passenger (that aluminum thing)

then to the more pricy ones

  • replace engine cover with a carbon one
  • side air-intakes in carbon

Anyone have any ideas how much I’d be saving on removing the standard Hifi and the 4 speakers?

How much of a gain would I be looking at by replacing the battery with something lighter? (Note, have seen various claims from shops selling lighter batteries but some realworld experience would be greatly appreciated)

Cheers Phil

Don’t think any of those other than the battery is really going to make any difference, the stereo and speakers are very light TBH. I’ve got the light battery which saves about 5kg hanging out at the back of the car.

Best reductions and most noticable is changing the wheels to lighter than the heavy standard Exige ones and replacing discs with alloy belled ones (give the added benefit of better brakes). This is unsprung weight so makes a huge difference to handling.

Yeah, forgot the rims… thing is, I quite like the standard Exige rims… maybe looking to get the 240R rims eventually which should a bit lighter. Not quite as light as the new ones sold with the Super Sports pack, but somewhere in between.

The reasoning behind getting rid of the Hifi is more because I really don’t want it in the car anymore. I never use it, so it’s sitting there being useless and adding weight. I’d be happy even if I knew I was saving 2 kg by getting rid of something not being used…

Quite like the idea about replacing the discs though. Any idea how expensive they are?

I suppose it depends on what you intend to use the car for.

For fast road/track brakes & rims mabye, all the rest is just bling & not worth the effort in terms of gain IMHO.

Driver training is by far the best way to become faster/smoother on track. Plus if like me you’re a bit of a bloater…go on a diet

Is it better to take out the Radio or just the Blaupunkt manual which seems to weigh a tonne !


I don’t agree. Getting rid of bits of weight can help massivley!

You can go to extremes, but thats up to you. Removing carpets in car and boot, taking out the passenger seat, getting a MOG or whatever CF seat, CF steering wheel, stripping out the crash bars in the doors (not reccomended by me!), taking out the sound proofing, emptying the washer bottle etc etc

It will make a difference

Well I’m working on the easiest… lost a stone since Xmas, another 10lbs to go…

If you checkout the Sector111 website they listed all the weights of parts to remove. The only ones that see worthwhile to me are the Battery, Exhaust and Wheels.

If you thinking of removing the stereo to save weight maybe you should consider wearing Lycra and Ballet shoes combined with not eating or drinking while you are at the track. That’ll save more weight than several stereos

There is a decent list on Elisetalk showing weight reduction items and even breaks it down to cost/pound (USD/lb)

Try weight watchers. I think thats my best option. Suspension compression in the Craners on saturday has caused the off side rear rim on my S1 to be rubbed on the body shell.

I will give you the the figures to the lb if you like.

1: look at yourself first. (most people are well over weight)
2: wheels will save you 18.0 Lbs
3: Exhaust will save you 15.6 Lbs
4: Battery will save you 11 Lbs
5: radio will save you 8.4 lbs.

ps Disks save you sweet FA
hope that all helps.

Thanks MrD06!

So, taking out the radio and the replacing the battery would save around 19.4 lbs = 9 kg.

I’ve already saved on the exhaust and by using a sportscat (probably around 5 kg) there as well, so that would be another max 15.6 lbs (in my case I think I saved a bit less, then again, the Bemani exhaust is about half the size of the Stage 1 exhaust…).

Guess after that, it would have to be wheels that would give the most gain…

every little helps imo.

it starts to get expensive after that things like

mog seats and a carbon roof.

I reckon I saved a good 5+Kg with my Larini sports cat and exhaust.The stock exhaust was unbelievably big and heavy, it almost landed on my head when I was trying to remove it :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Performance Pack Exige so I’d be interested just how light I can make it.

just doing those things mine is 875 with 3/4 tank fuel

I have saved 60lbs in total. mine is performance pack with Aircon.