weight of VHPD and gearbox.

Does anybody know the dry weight of an VHPD engine, gearbox and throttlebodies?


I read / heard somewhere that it all come’s in at ~100KG… Very very light! That may have been for an Elise K series tho…

Somewhere in the 50 million pages about the Honda conversion on Seloc ( Ian Wilson started it ) there are weights for Honda vs K vs Duratec - but you need to search for it …

I think Marks right about the 100Kgs - maybe it was even a bit lighter but it depends whats bolted to it …

Dont forget the gearbox as well … the PG1 is quite light


ain’t you got one there that you can weigh???.. surely ?

Bathroom scales dont go that high Rox

Probably needs it for shipping costs, if so 150Kgs should cover it all.

American ones do…



nah… i know there are some bigger citizens of US of A than that…

Engine is 96 kg, box is 38 kg.