Weight of S2 Exige wheels please ?

Does anybody know the weight of the S2 standard wheels please ? Preferably without tyres if possible please ?
Many thanks in advance.

Alternatively does anyone know the weight of the forged S2 Exige wheels please - I have found the difference between the two types but no actual figures.

Many thanks.

what is the difference out of interest?

Forged wheels save 2.4 kgs on the fronts and 2.7 kgs on the rears.

Seems very difficult to find out the actual weights though !??!

what is the source of your figs - seems odd if they can quote that but dont have the original weights?

I think all the info has been posted on the LCI website. If you’re not a member I’ll try to look it up & post on here.

Give me a day or two.


As I have a set of S2 wheels sat in the garage, I suppose I should get off my lazy ass and weigh them for you…

The forged wheels are 13.25lbs at front and 15.15lbs at rear…just add the above on for the normal wheel.

On the LCI site Nick Adams said (for the toyota engined cars)

Standard elise wheels 8.3 & 10.7 F&R
Standard Exige wheels 8.8 & 9.4
Forged rims 5.6 & 7.2
Fronts are 1 inch narrower on the Elise, rear dimensions are the same for all.



Oops, all weights are in Kgs of course


Top class - very many thanks for the help.

I take it that the forged wheels have the extra width to the fronts like what the standard Exige fronts have?