Website Bug?

The method I use for getting back to the front page, is to
click on the Exige picture. Now when I do this it does return me to the front page but I appear to be logged out.

Is this happening to anybody else?


I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the addition of the ‘Ford GT Owners’ forum link at the bottom.


To me, something else happened, I always select the “remember on each visit” feature when I log in, so when I close the window and open another one, just go to and I can see the main page with the yellow bits if there is any new message.
Now, I’m always logged out, even if I select the option of remembering me.

The only way I can go back to stay logged in is if I go directly to the long url for home, instead of

What’s up?

Happening to me also…

Me too

me too

always logged out when i come back… PITA but easy fixed i guess.

Can Mr ADMIN sort it out for us ?

Rox, I’m not sure you are actually logged out, just click on ‘Main Index’.


mmmm… its weird…

sometimes it says i’m logged out but when i click the ‘main index’ i’m actually logged in but other times i need to put user name and password in…

WTF is going on here techy people ??


Mr Admin?

When you visit you will appear to be not logged in, but if you click on any forum/category, you should see that you are still logged in, and therefore there’s no negative side effect of this “feature”.

At least that’s how it works for me… does it not work that way for others ?

Now it does… most of the time. But sometimes we are logged out for good.

It used to be that by going, if we had the cookies it showed directly as logged in, not anymore.