We had MADDOG in a bit of bother now it's my turn

NYLOC’s Croft trackday Saturday 13th May. The weather was not very kind to us on the day but I managed to enjoy myself anyway. Big thanks to Nick Ledger and everone who helped to organise the day and B.E.D. restaurant in Harrogate for the superb food at the end of the day.

CHECK THIS OUT Croft trackday video clip.


Great stuff - very entertaining

You still up Uncle P? I hope your helping Cal with his revision ‘n’ prep.

nice one JayCee … made me smile

glad you had a good day even tho the weather was rubbish

Cheers Rox, made me smile too but only when I saw the video. Was to busy retriving the seat cover from the cheeks of my arse to enjoy it on the day

Nice one. Great commentary too


Nice one Jaycee, you’re not wrong the weather was bloody aweful

Compliments on the choice of music and the timing of the words

“some people… driving too fast… etc”

Weather looks a bitch and with the bumps and croft I bet it was quite tricky. What tyres did you have on ? 39s or 48s ?

Weather looks a bitch

Believe it or not, those conditions were “good” compared to 90% of those prevailing on the day

My car was all over the show, except for a 15min session just before lunch - but even then I ran out of track & took to the escape road at “Sunny In” (Should say that I had both Nick & RichE up my chuff at the time, & was trying to keep it that way , but ran out of talent!). After lunch, it started chucking it down again, so I only ventured out for 3 laps in the afternoon Even unfastened the front anti-roll bar to try & get some front end grip, which had been non-existant in the morning wet sessions, but all it did was make the rear end uncontrollable.

Note to self - 450lb front, & 550lb rear springs, plus almost bald 48s in the wet = bad news!!!

What tyres did you have on ? 39s or 48s ?

48’s on the wear pip’s gripped like snot on a glass door handle

CHECK THIS OUT > Croft trackday video clip. >

Video not available now

Sorry, just had some stick from NYLOC re my spullin uf Aw’E’ful!! dang there is no ‘E’ in it, so changed the clip and uploaded it. Check back tomoz.
Hell what’s an ‘E’ between friends? A fiver these days?