Wavetrac LSD

Dear Community

I have been in communication with Wavetrac UK and they are willing to to create their state of the art LSD for the series 3 Lotus Exige see email below:

The step after assessing if there is demand would be to send to us a stock differential + any interfacing components like ring gear, bolts, bearings etc. Then we can do some light R&D to cost the differential and see if there are any ‘odd’ manufacturing or design considerations. From this point, we will be able to quote a price.

Once the quotation is made (per differential) we would need to get 30 committed buyers interested and for them to place a £100 non-refundable deposit per differential with the remaining payable once the differentials ship from the factory.

Perhaps someone has a spare gearbox or stock differential to get us started?

If you are interested and we need 30 Exige owners to commit to the project then please contact Ash at Wavetrac:
Ash Stewart

Wavetrac Europe

+44 (0)2380 55 86 36


72-82 Belgrave Road , Southampton, SO17 3AN, United Kingdom :thumbup:

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