Washer not squirting

Hello all.

Car car has been off road for a bit. My washer pump is whirring but I am not getting any fluid to the front of the car. I have checked by removing a jet pipe.

Any tips? I don’t appear to be losing water anywhere.

Washer pump firing up?

Yep. Humming like a good one.

Take the pipe off the pump, work washers until water comes out, refit pipe.
If worky, taste beer.

No beer for me!

I’ll manipulate the pump tomorrow. Knee on fire tonight

Probably gunk in the bottom of the washer bottle. Take the bottle out, clean thoroughly/flush through, clean pump, refit :+1:

Thank you for the suggestions people.

I took the advice from @JDS and removed the pipe and validated we had a squirter. Boy did it squirt.

I then struggled for the next 30 minutes pushing the pipe back on again. The pipe learnt some new swear words as 2.2l of water dribbled on my garage floor.

No dice when I eventually got 500ml of cold water in so went full send and boiled the kettle and stuck some warm water in.

We now have working jets and I diluted the less that boiling water with cool water. Must have been clagged up somewhere or an airblock.