Warrenty and induction kits.

I wanted the Pipercross VIS with the Stage two from new. I was told to run the car in in standard form which was the best thing to do.

Then, after 1st service, fitted the Stage 2 as its a lotus part and wont invalidate warranty. But have held off the pipercross for exactly the reason above.

No manufacturer is going to say ‘yes, fit what you like’. Where will it end? But I think Lotus should sort out a list of approved filters that they would support.

But having said that, Lotus do like to weasel there way out of warranty claims given the tiniest of excuses. I’ve had 1st hand experience of this on a 1 week old car with ball joints.

So, take the chance if you want. AFAIC though, if a dealer fits a pipercross or an ITG to a new car, then THEY need to pick up any refused warranty claims.

Lets face it Lotus owners have been fitting Induction kits since the mark1 Elise and the majority of mr2 Exiges for sale have them as well. Can’t say I heard of any horror stories regarding engine problems because of them…as I said it’s just a case of Lotus protecting themselves.

AndyK… Theres no two ways about it. This is lotus outting up an initial defence against warranty claims should a nasty one appear.

I’ve been on the Lotus scene for 6 years now and I’ve never heard of an induction kit causeing any difficulty.

K&N info on warranty is HERE