Warranty on a used Exige?

I have put down a deposit on a Jan 2001 Exige that is being sold by Caterham cars - it was traded in for a R300 - boo hiss. Anyway, Caterham are only offering a 3 month warranty on the car - is this normal? Would I have got a 12 month warranty from a Lotus Dealer - and is the warranty really worth having anyway?

The Exige is reasonably priced so I dont feel I am particuarly paying over the odds by buying from a dealer rather than privately but just wondered if I should push for more warranty? Any suggestions?.



Are they covering it or is it an insurance policy?

If the former it should mean anything that goes wrong you’re covered for. If the latter, it may not be worth having, it often depends on how hard the person that sold the policy pushes for any payout. As it’s only 3 months, I suspect it’s Caterham themselves, in which case push for 6 months. They know it may well go on track, which officially invalidates their own cars’ warranties, which is probably why they’re only offering a few months.



As far as I know, 12 months Lotus endorsed warranty costs around �680 from a Lotus dealer, who would also charge you for inspection before selling you the policy. I have seen a copy of the Caterham guarantee document - it does not seem to give you much beyond the usual consumer statutory protection. If you are getting a bargain, you may as well consider buying a policy from a Lotus dealer.