Warranty Holdings - Gone bust..

I hope none of you guys have an extended Lotus policy with them…


Yep mine is and Im trying to claim for the throttle bodies at the moment! Boo Hoo Hoo


This may help - copied from Eliss bbs

"to clarify, you need to check your policy to see who the underwriter is. The warranties that I have seen all refer to NIG as the underwriter with WHA being the administrator of the scheme. When it comes to issuing proceedings (for example) it would be NIG I would cite and not WHA. I personally would seek written confirmation from NIG that your warranty remains valid through them.

Contact details are:-

Crown House
145 City Road

Tel 020 7656 6000 - ask for special risks

For what it is worth, I have spoken to NIG this afternoon who have confirmed that, provided the policy is underwritten by them the warranty is still valid.

PS - if you look at page 2 of your warranty book, it confirms the contract is between you and NIG"

Well that comes as a slight relief, in what has been a rather traumatic end to the afternoon.

You wouldn’t credit it would you. You take out an expensive warranty - a Lotus Endorsed warranty - and the warranty company goes tts up.

Really I would never entertain Lotus ownership without a warranty. That was one of the main selling points when I bought my Exige privately.

Of course the big issue arises when current policies run out, but hopefully by that time someone will either have bought out WH or someone will have stepped in to take on WH victims.

This presumably has very serious implications at an important time for Lotus itself - as the Lotus Endorsed scheme is a WH product.

I’m certainly going to get some clarity on this before I venture out of the garage again.

I’ll post anything I find out for all to see

Cheers Rob,

Owe you a drink

Lotus have my warranty book at the moment.
Im off to get it back later and hopefully it will be ok.

I’ll keep you posted.

mmmm in the same boat - I spoke to both NIG and Warranty Holdings and Warranty Holdings is still operating (existing policies) but under receivership terms not able to take on new business. I wonder who will be able to extend my coverage in 6 months time when it runs out

Just to update my posting of yesterday, I contacted WH this morning and it does indeed seem that all elements of my policy, including vehicle rescue, will remain in place until renewal, by which time they will hopefully have sorted things out.

That said, I guess these situations are fluid and I’m going to stay close to it to see how everything pans out.

If anyone knows of any viable alternatives to WH then I would be grateful to see postings to that effect.

I’m happy to know nobody here should suffer if this company folds, but…
I can’t say I’ll be sorry if WH disappear without trace. I found them extraordinarily unhelpful and difficult to deal with. I sincerely hope I never again need to have lengthy arguments about the definitions of “sudden failure” and “mechanical component”.

Bunch of f****** c****