Warm and dry or cold and damp????

Hi guys,Does everyone keep their Exiges garaged or is there anyone out there that leaves it on the street. Would it be a crime against Exigedom to consider such a thing???I am in the process of moving house and finding somewhere with a garage in Barnes/Kew is hard (and fxxxxxx expensive). Could probably stretch to a garage but then only maybe a Fiat126 to put in it!!I will change my car this year, the pig ugly MCoupe has gotta go (although I do still love it). Do I get an Exige, take the TVR-T350 I have on order or get something sensible that is happy with life on the kerb???All thoughts/pearls of wisdom gratefully received…Benja

Mine has lived outside, uncovered, for a year, used nearly everyday, for shortish journeys, so I should probably be reported to the NSPCE!That said, other than arriving with a faultly battery and getting a little damp inside, it hasn’t had any real problems until recently. (As you may have read) I’ve had some gunk in the oil cap. I suspect that has either come from a knackered gasket (at 7500 miles - gulp!) or water getting in there in the REALLY crap weather.If you want to keep it outside and aren’t driving it everyday get a Webflex cover (waterproof & breathable) from Specialised Car Cover (http://www.carcoversuk.com). Mine sat under one for a couple of weeks over Christmas and noticably dried out. It’s going to be spending more time under it as I’ve bought a Puma for the short journeys.Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

Thanks for the input Ian it is appreciated. I am thinking that when I move (to be closer to my office) I will run an Exige (that can stay under a cover) and a Smart (for the 10min office run). It will make pulling off the covers for a blast or a track day even more of an event…Do like the look of the T350 though,…TVR will be asking me for my spec soon so I will need to make up my mind what I am gonna do,…damn those MotorShow weak moments!

Benja,I think I’d go for the Lotus every time. I have a very long horror story from one of my closest friends about his Chimera, if you want to know about it e-mail me off line and I’ll tell you.

That was meant to read CERBERA! stupid names anyway if you ask me!!

T350 is hardly an improvement on the name front!