Hi guys and girls,

I am after a seriously cheep VHPD Enginge for
an MGB Roadster conversion. The car will be raced
with a standard VHPD engine. Only problem is cost!

As i am only 19 years of age i’m sure you can appreciate i don’t earn too much lol, so any generosity will be greatly

Thanks guys


have you tried the companies doing engine conversions?

Try Blink web page

I have indeed, they wanted about �3000 though, i have tried a couple of other companies also, but they all seem to be quite expensive!

Thanks for your help


Scuffers has one for sale on SELOC

Hi mate,

I’m just waiting for an insurance payout after someone ran a red light and wrote off my Honda Exige. My plan is buy another one and do the conversion again, so i will have VHPD going spare.

Obviously i don’t have spec yet, but i’ll be looking for lowish mileage standard car as a base. I sold my last VHPD for �2200 for the engine, gearbox, ECU and driveshafts then raised a few hundred more for the intake and exhaust, i’ll be looking to get the same again.

I’ll be a few weeks before it’s avaialable, but let me know if that’s of interest.


I have one for sale right now out of my exige with all the bits. PM me if you want more details.

Hi, sounds silly but what does PM mean? very interested though please can i have more details?

Hi, i would not need the gearbox as i’m mating a ford type 9 gearbox to it

Could you mail me when item is for sale?


PM is private mail via this website, click on my username and one of the small icons below my profile to send me a message.
Basically I have a 29,000 mile VHPD engine that came out of my S1 Exige now that I am going Honda. I can sell it to you without gearbox if need be as it is a CR one and vcan be sold to an Elise owner if need be.
Apart from the block itself, what ancilleries would you want?

PS PM sent, and should be an enevelope flashing at you next to your name (upper left “Welcome XXXXX”)