Wanted: Trailer

I’m looking for a trailer for my Exige. I’m in Hampshire so the near to me the better.

FWIW Matthew, have you considered buying a new one ?You can get a new Brian James trailer (pneumatic tilt jobbie with extender ramps) that will suit you for circa �2000Do you really want to risk your �30,000 pride and joy on a second hand trailer that may be faulty for the sake of a few hundred quid ?

I bought a Brian James Club (1000 I think), with chocs and low profile ramps for �1500 inc VAT.Having looked at some 2nd hand trailers, anything that would give a good saving was crap.Cheers

Thanks for the advice. I’ve bought a second hand “bargin” from a chap that had to get rid of it in a hurry because he was moving/no place to store it.I’ve not seen it yet as I’m out of the country but friend has inspected it and assures me it’s a good deal.You’ve got me worried now though… I do like the Brian James stuff.Anyone want to buy a used trailer?

Are you sure you can get the Exige onto your new trailer Matthew ?Even with a 16ft trailer, I need extender ramps for the Exige

Now I’m even more worried. Measurements and spec sounded fine. I’m hoping to take it to Elvington on Saturday given tyre wear there and Combe on Tuesday… we’ll see.