Wanted : Trailer to suit Exige.

As above… decent trailer required !

Dave the Woodford trailers seem to very reasonable.


Give me a ring tomorrow, please, re:Brian James Clubman 950, includes Safety Pack & Locking Wheels options.

Will do Rob !

you still got that csl dave?

Is the trailer to be used only for recovery…

Nah… CSL went about a year ago Chris !

I might have to make sure I get a trailer capable of more than 950kgs Pete - your car might need to go on it at some stage


Won’t it have to be over a tonne anyway Dave? I am thinking about a set of wets and tools etc. Or are they all going in the back of the Darraghvan?

what did you get for the csl in the end? They seemed to of gone up in value since i saw your one. I was looking for a trailer a few weeks ago and for what they get second hand you might aswel get a new one, brian james twin axle that would suit what your after is �1550.

Just informed Dave that research has revealed that the Clubman 950 is too narrow for an Exige - I mention this just in case anyone else was interested.

Aye, thanks for thinking of me though Rob - the other lead is being investigated also

CSL went for 36k Chris… I think values climbed slightly after I sold it but have dropped back down again recently - they seem quite subject to the trackday season too.