WANTED: Sports Catalytic converter or Stock Cat for 340R

just like the subject.Does anyone have one for sale?

I have one off an exige…which if I remember correctly is the same as the 340R according to the plate on the exhaust - part no.A340S6004 - made by janspeed.Make me an offer?

HI!Thanks for your reply!If it does fit, that would be wonderful!How long was it used? I will check on the part being transferrable.I can finally drive without getting sick in trafic…

it did 4,377 miles in about 6 months - all were long runs, ie system fully warmed up but not given any real abuse as soe of those miles were running in.

SteveWont you need it for its MOT or have you replaced it with something else??JohnO

I have a spare one…ajimbo are you still interested?