Wanted - Set of second hand Exige wheels

I am looking for a second set of wheels for my Exige specifically for track day use. The cosmetic appearance doesn’t need to be that good provided the wheels are sound ie. not buckled or anything.

Anybody got any to offer?

Try here and here.

Originals are v.expensive and relatively rare.


Eliseparts are also showing a set in the used section. HERE


I couldn’t see them ‘For Sale’. Are you sure they weren’t ‘Wanted’?


In the used parts section.

A third of the way down… �775 a set new!

those wheels have been there for years
i rang geary and he said they are long gone
that was last year

ps Steve how is my old car going

Hi John

Car’s going well. Done 3 or 4 track days so far including Silverstone, Oulton and Elvington. Silverstone in the pooring rain was an experience!

Also, I was 6 seconds a lap quicker in the exige than the evo6 round elvington which amazed me to be honest.The grip from those AO48 is unbelievable!

Do any of the track day regulars on here use slicks on their exiges? If so any advice? I spoke to a bloke with a racing exige at Oulton who said it was’nt a good idea due to the stresses it placed on the chassis. I am thinking from an expensive point of view its much cheaper than using the AO48’s all the time.


The Edwards Boyz run their’s on slicks. You should fit uprated rear toelinks if you use slicks.

If you do a “search”, you will find lots of info about slicks & rear toelinks.


I now think I made a big mistake selling my Orange and although I have bought a pristine Elise it is not at all like teh Exige to drive and the looks !!! well si Exige cant be beat esp in Chrome Orange

I am desparately awaiting my Honda engine (soon please Jonny)


Hi Kinetic

The only advice I can give on tyres is not bothering going to Elvington .

Tyre wear at Elvington is the worst track that I have been too, as the different surfaces are very abrasive on tyres

Not only that, the track gets a bit boring after the first time .