Wanted s240/s260

If you’re considering selling a well cared for 2008-2011 s2 this winter, I’d be interested to know more about it.

Less than 40,000 miles, in a rowdy colour or grey! Would consider a modified or well repaired Cat N car.

Looking to buy around the new year or Q1 2021

I was at school when the exige was first released and have wanted one since!

Many thanks.

Mine is still for sale if you are after something ‘rowdy’.

Now a 260 black dash car :thumbup:

Not rowdy enough though :laughing:

I have a 280 Komotec with Sports pack 28000 miles in near perfect condition drop me a PM Colour is Storm Titanium

Hi Jon,

Sounds great, but not the colour I’m after unfortunately. If it was yellow, green, orange I’d be very interested.

Hopefully one will pop up in the coming months.

Many thanks

Just FYI.

Got a car sorted.

Deposit paid.

Further details in due course.

I’m Hampshire based, so if there’s any meets next year, give me a shout fatwomble

Nice one Joe, I’m looking forward to seeing it, roll on Spring/Summer! :sunglasses::+1:

Looking forward to pictures and spec :thumbup:

Great! Keep us posted

Sadly the seller has pulled out, after me paying the deposit and me taking out a loan…

So I’m back on the hunt.

Still for sale. Possible deal to be done. https://classifieds.seloc.org/ads/s2-exige-350-bhp/

Many thanks. Not quite what I’m after this time.

Just to say I’ve finally bought a 2010 s240 after being messed around by a seller of another car. Thanks to Jon Seal for his assistance in bringing this car to my attention.

Wow any pictures im a sucker for a 2010 car :wink:

It’s yellow! When it’s clean, I’ll chuck some photos up. I’m in Hampshire, so anyone fancy a drive. Gimme a shout.

I am not far away nr camberley - mine is also Yellow :slight_smile:

Its away at the moment being fixed - but up for a drive when its back and we are allowed out again…

Sounds good, Camberley isn’t far. Where is it being sorted?

its at Hangar 111 - so in Suffolk - been there since mid dec - not sure when I’ll get it back at the mo !