Wanted: S2 Exige rear diffuser, no exhaust hole

My new 2bular GT3 means that I now require a black Exige rear diffuser with no exhaust exit. Anyone help?

I have just also got a GT3 exhaust (not fitted it yet) but
I also ordered one of the panel infill kits from Jim, just scroll to the bottom of the page to see…


Yes I might go down this route next, blat today…trust me you will not regret your purchase!!!

Make one yourself, i did.

It’s very rewarding and not that hard to do.

I used the exisitng curved bits (just drilled the rivets out) then bought a sheet of 1.2mm aluminium and used the old sheet as a template.

i also extended it 6cm so that the exhaust tip doesn’t stick out.

Pictures from my mloc garage mloc garage cjh

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