Wanted - S1 roof seal

Looking for a roof seal to fit an S1 if anyone has one or know who does


I could be wrong but think I saw one at Scott Russel Sportscars advertised

Just looked if it’s this one it’s still available from Lotus;

Thanks for the help, I’ll send Simon a message and see if he has one.

It is part number 4 in that diagram - now obsolete

Let me know how you get on - I could do with one too. Last time I asked, the solution was to use P or D seals, or adapt an S2 Exige seal.

Simon at Scott Russell doesn’t have any, apparently tried the original manufacturer and they just laughed

Spoke to Dom at lotus factory and he said it can be done with the P and D profiles but it’s the joint at the corner of the window I think will need something

There is this as an option -