Wanted - S1 indoor cover

All being well, I’ll be collecting an S1 Exige later this week. Before I order a new one, does anyone happen to have a decent fitted indoor cover they no longer need and would be interested in selling?

Thanks, Jamie

Not very scientific but my car had zero osmosis, I used an indoor cover and I got some osmosis on the roof. I don’t use the cover any more (sold it) and the osmosis has not got worse. Of course, it may all be unrelated. Where I live the air is very damp (Peak District near a river) so a cover is like wrapping the car in a damp towel. If you have a dusty garage I’d be more tempted to get a carcoon type bubble cover.


That’s a good shout - thank you. It’s a bit of tight squeeze in the garage, so a carcoon not an option unfortunately. It is dry though.

Have covered my S2 Exige with a cover for the last 6yrs and previous S1 Elise for 4 years without any issues.
It’s a soft lined, fitted cover.

I never fit the cover if the car is wet, been washed or been used, I wait a day or so before covering.

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Mine spends the winter in here


Which Exige did you get? Was it a black one? I’ve been keeping half an eye on the market as always :joy:

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The black one looked really good to me. I wanted it.


It’s a silver one. Just collected today :blush:


No, not that one. :slight_smile:

Missed that one, although I wasn’t actually actively looking for an S1. Stumbled upon one through a chance conversation.