Friend of mine is looking to purchase an S1 Exige.

No specific requirements on colour spec etc but would like as close as possible to standard spec.

Anything considered so please send any details & will pass on to him.


Look around! There are so many options to choose from.

Really, where?

I can see 2 that are obviously on the market in the uk - the black Audi car that Will B has had for sale for months and didn’t sell on Collecting Cars and still seems to be stuck at £35k and the 550bhp K20 Turbo one at ~£50k that Maidstones have up that they don’t seem to even be bothered to clean.

Then a LHD one in France and a LHD one in Italy @ 90k Euros

I’m positively tripping over them where I am Ste :wink:

I’ve lived in Norfolk for 5.5 years and have only ever seen one. Mustard yellow and that was at the Indy I use for my car.

I dare say if you put the feelers out you may find someone willing to sell but I wouldn’t say there’s plenty to choose from….

there is always mine and it is in ~SUUUUUUFuk


Clives exige is best of those. By a big margin. Go and see it.

The Pesky mobile :sunglasses: