Wanted S1 Exige wheels

Hi guys,

Anyone got any S1 Exige wheel options? Open to anything that will fit, I do a lot of trackdays so hoping for something light really but them options seem to be mega bucks!

Mega bucks or nothing these days.

Glad you’re still around Jonny. Wish I could find some Speedlines🤔

Looks like I’ll be sticking to my Elise sizes for track for now. They don’t look too bad really.

I have a set I might be persuaded to part with. They are a bit special. Anyone interested email me initially at [email protected].

I don’t need a set but what are they [mention]FTP[/mention] ? :thinking:

Found this picture on the Eltech Facebook page, I think these wheels really suit an s1? Lookin at the website they only list 18 and 19” :frowning:

16/17" 96.25, Correct offset. Compomotive MO, brand new, Carbon fibre dip. Just put them on Seloc with pic.

Save you a run over there …

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

In regard to the Eltech wheels pictured, I contacted NTM and got this response:

These are our PistaIII forged wheels, custom made for Lotus Exige S1 or S2 application.

Our offer is:

nr. 2 wheels size 7,5Jx16" euro 1.098,00
nr. 2 wheels size 9Jx17" euro 1.172,00

Total amount euro 2.270,00 VAT included
Lead time, 4-6 working weeks from the confirm of the order.

For anyone that’s interested they can still make them in the smaller diameters.

That’s not a bad price for forged wheels tbh, any idea on weights? Think they’re slightly wider than OEM but should work with 205/245 tyres :think:

Unfortunately I have no idea on weight, that’s all the information he sent me, but I thought was reasonable for Forged wheels, maybe a good option for people as S1 sizes and PCD if hard to come by.

Wheels now sold.