Wanted: S1 Exige Rear Wing / Spoiler

Wanted: “Cheap” S1 Rear wing in any condition or colour.

Happy to collect.


There was one for sale a week or so ago, not sure if it sold though

Thread drift, I live in Southend as well, do you go to any club meets? Seloc etc?

Hi Ade,

If it’s the �5 spoiler you are referring to, then I believe its already been sold (not surprisingly)

I use to attend the odd Southend meet (Halfway House on the seafront) through Seloc some years ago, but they fizzled out after a while? I have considered trying to resurrect them as there used to be quiet a good turnout!

I dont bother with the Essex meets, as by the time I’d get in from work it would be pointless going all the way to Chelmsford for 30 mins worth of chat.

You would certainly get me to a meet in Southend as I have the same issues as you with the Chelmsfod meets.

There is a new road boys - it’s called the A130 :wink:

that �5 spoiler didn’t come with the uprights though and there more expensive than the spoiler. A pair of uprights off Lotus is around �600, cant remember the exact price.

Yeah I know it well, as I nearly get nicked every time I use it !!! :blush:

Seriously though it’s just no feasible for me to get to Fryerning / Ingatestone at a decent time (i.e before 9:30pm).

Now the weather is finally good, how about the Essex fellas taking a run down to Southend for a fish and chip supper sometime?