Wanted - Rear wheel arch liners

Anyone got a couple of these lying around before I get on to the main dealer?


Russ, why would you want used ones? they’re all worn out!

Uldis, I suspect worn out ones are more useful than melted ones and cheaper than new ones.

Are these the only bits you’re after Russ?


LOL! I forgot yours were melted Russ!
Got me there.

Yes, they tend to melt pretty quickly when doused with ignited oil!! Not bothered if there are a couple of wear marks.
These are the only bits at the moment, I am waiting to see if my (new) Nitrons are toast. Oh, and I have ordered a new Edwards Difffuser ™. Thought I was gonna need a clam, but it is OK for racing, I am told.

Save weight Russ, leave em off

I thought that, but my race guru reckons it will adversely affect aero???

hey, I almost sounded like I knew what I was on about then.

I guess the air in the rear arch will cause lift then ?

Great to see your not hanging around getting the Exige sorted. Looking forward to your next race, when is it then I can book the day off work.

:frowning: > I guess the air in the rear arch will cause lift then ?

there will be a sh1T load of turbulent air in there… so i guess the liner is better than letting it get under the clam-proper. It will certainly ‘contain’ the volume of air available to give lift.

Hi John,

It is Thruxton, 4 July. The fixture list is here:


There is also a potential problem of water in the electrics when it rains…

And the engine bay will get dirrrty!

There is also a potential problem of water…

At least it will keep the flameage down

Christen the engine with Champagne !!!