wanted .... rear spoiler

after a used (standard if poss) rear spoiler for s1 exige.

I’ve got one although I was planning on keeping it. How much is it worth, as I may be tempted to let it go for the right price.

Same I got one. Yes its for sale.
SMS me and I will call you back

jam…how much for urs? ta

Really haven’t a clue what they are worth. What do you reckon?

they go for around �300, plans had one in last time i asked but they want �450.

Last time i sold one on e-bay i got �250

Last time i sold one on e-bay i got �250

Dammit I sold mine for �130!!

O.K, I suppose I’d let it go for �250 then.

�250…hmmmmmmmm junks you fool i would have given you �130 no prob! and a four pack