Wanted: Quaife ATB Differential

Please let me know if you have one for sale, used or new. I’m willing to pay over market price for a new one.

[email protected]

I seem to remember that Quaife were not prepared to sell me one unless they fitted it…

So they did, of course !!

Why? I bought one directly from them and they sent it directly to the gearbox guy. Noquestions asked about who was going to fit it.

But Hubert, why pay over market price when you can get, erm… market price for a new one from Quaife?

Hi Uldis,

I’m willing to pay a premium because I can’t find one. Quaife doesn’t have any in stock at the moment and they won’t be making anymore until March the earliest, but I need one in my car now

Ahh, I see.
Have you contacted Questmead? AFAIU they distribute Quaife stuff as well.

Uldis - they fitted it for a nominal sum, but that was to the Audi gearbox, so maybe there is something unusual about it ?

Thanks Uldis. Unfortuantely, they don’t sell differentials. The search goes on…


I have a complete gearbox for sale from my S1 Elise. It is fitted with the quaife ATB, quaife UCR S/C gear kit, plus Quaife S/C CW&P.

It has just been fully reconditioned by Quaife (less than 1000 miles since - invoice available)

I won’t split it, but if you’re interested in the complete box please email me - [email protected]

I got mine from Plans Motorsport


Graham didn’t have any in stock back then so I ended up buying one from Lotus for a silly price.