WANTED : Orange Exige

HiI’m after an Orange Exige. Will wait for the right car so if you are thinking of selling in the near future please get in touch by leaving a message here.

Reckon Paul Matty Sportscars have Chrome Orange for sale at mo’ - no details but reckon its up for 24k.

Simon thanks for the contact.

aint you got a bed???

No, I sleep on the keyboard.

So do I but only at work!!!1

I’m at it again… [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

FYI I saw the orange Exige at Paul Matty’s yesterday. It’s not chrome orange but non metalic orange Volcanic orange? It’s done 24K miles so it is in average condition a few chips on the front etc. On the plus side it has all the extras 190, harness, air con?? new sports exhaust ect.I think they want somthing between 21-23K but I could not be sure.

Its on Autotrader website at �23.5k

Guys thanks, I’ll give them a call.

I have a Chromium Orange Exige for sale if you are interested. 15.5K miles. FSH. Comes with 190 conversion, carbon air box, sports seats (black leather,alcantara), Race harnesses, Drivers 6 point, passengers 4 point. Carbon Fibre door inserts, handbrake tunnel, gear stick housing, inner and outer sill kick plates, passenger foot rest, instument binnacle. I have a spare set of rear Yokohamas as well. Its also got all the standard parts for the replaced items above.Its also got a full protective cover, Lotus issue and a battery oximiser to keep her alive.the car has been fitted with Armafend in all the right places. It also has a tracker that can be armed if needed. The car is in immaculate condition as seen at concours show at Lotus Open day last year. Make me a sensible offer.You won’t be dissapointed!!!

Husky you have mail.

Huskydog >I’ve mailed you on the e-mail address listed in your profile, I hope that this is still current. If not could you post your new one or alternatively mail me at fullonloon_at_hotmailMany thanks,Quentin[This message has been edited by fol (edited 09 January 2003).]