Wanted - No2 HT Lead

Has anyone got an old No2 (runs from the coil pack to the cylinder second to the right when looking at the engine from the back of the car) HT lead.

Mine does not “click” down onto the top of the spark plug and on closer inspection it appears that there is something stuck in the end of the cap. Had a good fiddle but can’t get it out and the plug doesn’t seem to be strippable. Haven’t a clue what it is - thought it may be the old suppressor off a previous spark plug but the new ones don’t appear to unscrew.

I can get the engine running fine but don’t want to leave it that way now I know.


I’ve got a full set of the “original leads” you can have for nowt From memory, they will only have done a couple of thousand miles or so since new.

Drop me an email/phone, & we’ll try & sort out delivery. (I will be in Grassington on 26/27 Dec, if that’s any use!)

Cheers - I’ll get in touch tomorrow

Rob - have PM’d you, thought I had your number…but don’t!